Best Himalayan Trip ever – Shimla to Kaza to Manali – Picture gallery

My Best himalayan trip ever

Kaza, the headquarters of Spiti valley, is at a distance of about 450 kilometers from Shimla and 202 kilometers from

Manali. This 650 km ride from Shimla to Kaza to Manali is having lots of breathtaking views. On this journey you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries, big dams , lots of bridges and mysterious places which can actually make you think and admire the beauty into this part of land. This valley

remains disconnected to rest of the world for almost half of the year. 

The Journey – Shimla to Kaza to Manali

On this journey you will come across some awesome places like KINNER KAILASH, which can easily be seen from Kalpa near Kinnaur, however to reach the exact place of worship one need to take a guided trekking tour. You can observe the taste of world famous Kinnauri apples in Kalpa. Apple orchards spread across the valley creates a mesmerizing view.

Once you leave Kalpa and start on your journey to Kaza, be prepared for an enthrilling and rewarding experience on the road. Road at places is bumpy and tough to drive but the scenery just keep you going. On this trip you can put a tag on your journey with the unique sign boards from Border Roads Organisation e.g DON’T BE A GAMA IN THE LAND OF LAMA. Basically GAMA refers to the famous Indian wrestler from India who defeated KING KONG and by this particular Sign Board ‘Border Roads Organization’ request and warn you to go easy on terrain.

There are so many destinations which can be observed like GIU – The Mummy Temple which has recently been renovated. you may also observe the place like ‘The Highest Village, The Highest post office, splendid river front on entire route, night view from Kaza which makes you see the most clear sky through naked eye. Enroute you can enjoy the local delicacies by venturing into the small villages. Key Monastery is one splendid spiritual experience.

Here is a picture gallery for you to enjoy.


key monastery

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