Traffic Lights – Livelihood for many

And, yet again, I was stranded at one of the busiest traffic light point in Mohali, at so called hot and peak hours justifiably referring to the time between 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm, when all the office goers and working class people rush back to their base camps else we call it ‘HOMES’.

I was struck into hell of a traffic which is quiet irritating and intimidating initially but gradually changes to a pleasant feeling when one looks at those green lights and press the accelerator. I was wondering what kind of rush is there these days, thinking of the past when there was no traffic rush and brake shoes of cars and bikes used to last much longer. Entangled in all those stale thoughts which must have crossed my mind at least every alternate day whenever I cross any traffic lights, here I saw a guy visibly into age of 25-30 years, limping but swiftly moving through the traffic on lights. The guy was holding 30-40 long pens looking like a Chinese product which is a very common phenomenon on traffic lights in semi urban and urban India, where hawkers sell nicely finished Chinese toys at very nominal prices which is generally 4-5 times lesser than the prices of similar products available in kid’s showrooms and malls. I realized this swiftness is because of his daily routine since for last one complete year I have encountered this guy numerous times.

Today however, since it was a big jam, I thought of observing exactly what he do and than to satisfy this need of my mind to have this information, I carefully observed this guy’s body language and his presentation, being a marketing guy I understand that we always keep ourselves in hunt for that precious moment in which “you never know what you can learn from whom”. This motto sits hard and tight at bottom of our brains. I observed the guy is selling pens and at the same time was asking for some help and it looked to me that things are quite well with the guy. Thoughts started churning into my mind, the guy is so good, poor fellow, at least he is earning for himself, why is he begging if can sell pens so well?, why can’t he use the same skill set somewhere else? etc. And, yet again, there prompted the sentiments like let it be, good for him, what can I do, I shouldn’t be thinking about these petty things since this will disturb my focus from business, job and family, on top of that it is unproductive stuff and soon I was fresh after looking at those green lights leaving all that ‘thought burden’ behind, I was pressing on the accelerator, occasionally honking to ensure that no guy comes in front of my car in order to rush back to my personal base camp else we call it ‘HOME’.

I felt relieved after reaching home. I was quiet content with the proceedings of the day having a satisfaction of managing & successfully handling all the meetings and clients, previously planned in the morning. I looked up at the parking space and as usual there was a chaos, Some idiot fellow has parked his bike at the center of the space allotted for my car’s parking and when I say ‘IDIOT’ it is because the guy could have parked his bike elsewhere in the space allotted for bikes. So here I was yet again stranded in front of ‘BASE CAMP’, I was frustrated and all those creepy stale thoughts started raising their ugly heads into my thoughts.

Bogged down by this incidence, I lifted my cell phone and came out of my car calling my wife to ask “WHO DOES THIS BIKE BELONGS TO?” and as soon as she picked the phone, I got to know that yet again she is ‘CLUELESS’ about the most important question of that very moment i.e. “WHO DOES THAT BIKE BELONGS TO?” and at that very moment a guy cropped up from nowhere, waiving his hands towards me as if he is pretending to apologize (Inconvenience is deeply regretted) and at the same time conveying me that this is my bike. Relieved in the moment , I went back to my car and started it, thinking ‘GOOD GOD, the chaos didn’t last long’.

Yet again thoughts started churning into my mind.’ What kind of people park their vehicles in other people’s parking area?, the guy is good, the guy is courteous because as soon as the guy realized his mistake he came waiving his hand, apologizing and corrected his mistake as soon as he get aware of the dreadful act which he has performed by parking his bike into my parking space. Shhhh……….hhhh, I told my mind to calm down and come out of this whirl of thoughts which may hamper my efficiency and my focus towards my family and my job. So leaving all the clutter behind, I started stepping onto my stairs to reach the second floor of the house, where my base camp is stationed at.

As I reach the last step for my floor, my subconscious mind was expecting my beautiful daughter to come out chirping like a bird with that one cute, lovely but damn question ‘ PAPA, WHAT HAVE YOU BROUGHT FOR ME?’

To be contd…..

A short story

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