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Manali to Chandrataal-Journey to moon lake- Inspiring and Beautiful

Chandrataal what a mesmerising place… There are very few places which can excite me as a traveller and biker but chandrataal is one such awe inspiring place which leaves your mouth wide open with the beauty and serenity that surrounds it. Riding for long hours on treacherous roads and infact “No Roads” is indeed tiring but once you reach this place, words automatically comes out “It was worth it”.
It all started from Manali and I was quite awestruck with the beauty of the route. Initially it was ride till Rohtang first, which inspired me and allowed me to capture the natural beauty at its best into my personal treasure of pictures. Since I started early morning, it allowed me to have a much calmer view of the forest side and valley side. A ginger honey lemon tea enroute to Rohtang set the tempo for the day, Suddenly I was feeling fresher than ever and I was back into the tranquilized state of mind, free from all the cumbersome things backhome. I suddenly realized that I am ‘SO VERY HAPPY’. All negative thoughts flushed out of my mind. This is what travelling do to me.
But I really wasn’t having any idea about what nature has in store for me and please mark my words, what nature revealed to me is truly beautiful in the sense that it liberates one from the materialistic things and allows one to be a part of nature itself.
As a human, using my brain, I took a lot of pictures and photographs but you know what, that feeling of fresh air, clear skies, ice laden peaks, bare mountains, flowing rivers, deep gorges, lush green farmlands above hills, apple orchards & green forests can’t be captured using any camera of this world.

Please enjoy some picture in this picture gallery to be a part of my journey to Chandrataal…The Moon